Monday, September 08, 2008

Trade Shows Part II...

Well, the next trade show up was the Licensing International Expo, a really cool show that had a lot of big players involved shelling out TONS of cash. Of course those areas were roped off and clearly marked as being for "bigwigs only", heh heh.

Right inside the door this is what greeted us and I knew the show was gonna be good. An actual Ecto-1!! Whew! There to promote the upcoming Ghostbusters game.

The place was enormous and actually was the same place that the Stationery Show had been. Downtown NYC at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Who could resist getting their picture with Kung Fu Panda...not many I daresay!

A cool poster for an upcoming Dreamworks film. Don't know much about it other than the fact that it's based on a kid's book. Looks great though, love the conceptual art if nothing else!

LEGO, still going strong after all these years. It never gets old!

A slight pause now...for the random man who stopped by the Smurf to gaze uncomfortably at me.

Nickelodeon had an awesome, HUGE setup and it was cool to see Spongebob like 30 ft. tall.

Another outfit, can't remember their name at the moment, did lifesize bobblehead replicas and also regular hero/character replicas. Pretty neat.

If could afford it, this would definitely be in my living room. After some high-end family negotiations with my wife.

Don't know too much about him, haven't taken the time to check his material out, but I can't resist the Domo.

Do I look as uncomfortable as someone could who's been roped into getting his picture taken with 3 large blue gnome-like creatures? Yeah...heh heh...this Yeah.

These huge wall scale graphics were really cool. Talk about punch! SMACK!

And of course, the caped crusader in Lego.

One of the more elaborate "booths" at the show.

Classic! How'd you like to have that for one of the walls in your house?!?

And then as we rounded a corner...

Not too much, they weren't giving a whole lot away, but this was some kind of one man earth mover prop to draw some attention. I hope the movie can live up to the hype it's getting and will receive!

And again, LEGO is everywhere! Go Speed, go!

Pit stop with the George.

Lucasfilm's booth was pretty amazing with full size replicas of the Clone Wars characters and the SW's movies playing overhead. Again, the perfect place for one of these replicas? In my home. :)

Let me tell ya', one of the busiest booths at the show was Marvel's! There were suits everywhere around this one. Even the higher up's have caught the superhero bug. There was a little standup on a table confirming what many may already know about a Captain America, Thor, and Avengers movie slated for release. And note the poster for Iron Man Armored Adventures. They were playing clips on a TV there and it really looks promising. Cool superhero action, doesn't get any better than that, eh?

Another special moment with giant stuffed dolls of the ugly persuasion.

So that about wrapped it up for the Licensing show. There was a whole lot to see and it was well worth the trip to get the creative juices flowing and exciting to look forward to what all these companies have coming up in the near future.

Next, and last, trade show of the year...Wizard World East in good old Philadelphia. Until then, excelsior!


eric said...

That guy in the smurf photo. Why?

Hilarious. I think I'll go to one of these shows, try to stand in strangers' photo ops and stare uncomfortably into the camera lens. Without smiling.

Ramis announced that they're working on Ghostbusters 3!

Those Ugly Dolls got you smiling!

The Pearl said...

I had a lot of fun looking at this one Dan! What a fun thing to do! Now go be creative... :)

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Looks like a fun show!