Monday, November 30, 2009

Toy Show 2009!

Stopped in at the 28th Greater York Toy Show on Sunday afternoon and had a good time walking down memory lane once again. One of the best gatherings of toy sellers I've ever been too and it's just plain fun! Here's some of the highlights...

Officer Big Mac hand puppet. Passed up with great angst by my 9 yr old, but he came away with a lot of other stuff he liked.

There were a bunch of cool, homemade robots. These are just a few that we saw.

The iron tooth robot tank flanked by his evil Santa henchmen...mwaaaaa haaaa haaaaa!

And what toy show would be complete without Cycling Daddy?

By far one of my favorites at the show, but way to pricey for my tastes. Love the copy on the box...the wig wag walk. Classic.

And here's the single item I picked up at the show, after exercising much restraint! Click on the image above for a closer look.

It's a repro, but looked so cool I couldn't resist for only $8.00! We're already planning our trip back again for next year, was a lot of fun!

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